Rainforest hut with al-fresco ensuite.

The beautiful Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar

Avg 25 degrees top daytime temp in winter!

Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland

Deluxe Cabins

Do I get an ocean view from my room?

You get beautiful rainforest views! All the huts and cabins are in the heart of the rainforest and even though high up on a hill, the canopy is usually too dense for a view to the sea, though some of the Deluxe Cabins have ocean glimpses. A stunning view of the Coral Sea over the […]

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Is there a fridge and mini bar in the room, what about tea making facilities?

DELUXE CANOPY CABINS – The fridge is stocked with a range of beer, wine and snacks. The mini bar can be re-stocked to your taste at anytime by a visit to the bar. There are tea making facilities in the cabins, stocked with tea, coffee and herbal teas, fresh milk is available on request. RAINFOREST […]

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Are the rooms air-conditioned?

No, but you won´t really need it. Sanctuary is located about 100 metres above sea level which whilst not that high, is enough to provide a cooling airflow that passes beneath the forest canopy and travels up the hill. All the huts and cabins are designed to maximise cross-ventilation airflow and are fitted with ceiling […]

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