Rainforest hut with al-fresco ensuite.

The beautiful Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar

Avg 25 degrees top daytime temp in winter!

Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland

Deluxe Cabins

Fortunately, Sanctuary’s location high on a ridge provides a relatively safe haven from mosquitoes who generally prefer low-lands close to water.

We usually experience most of the year completely mosquito free starting in winter around June.

The weather patterns determine the number of mosquitoes and they prefer a certain balance of rain and sunshine to breed, so prime mosquito times can be any periods between January and May. We find that most of our guests are not inconvenienced unduly and our small on site shop stocks plenty of insect repellent (the traditional and the DEET free) and other medical supplies if you do suffer from bites.

Later in the year, somewhere from September to November, again dependent on weather conditions, March flies may be prevalent – but only for a few weeks. These are annoying but extremely easy to swot!