Rainforest hut with al-fresco ensuite.

The beautiful Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar

Avg 25 degrees top daytime temp in winter!

Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland

Deluxe Cabins

Like all things at Sanctuary, the native wildlife should be treated with common sense and respect. Unlike other eco-systems where man has been round long enough to become part of the food chain, there are no creatures around here that have evolved to consider humans as part of their well balanced diet. So whilst most creatures have some sort of defensive capability, none are able to cause you serious harm.

Snakes and especially spiders, are a big issue for many people and their natural home is in the rainforest. There is a huge range of fascinating spiders, some small and beautiful, some are large and hairy, though none dangerous. However if the mere thought of being close to a spider is enough to make you shiver, then it’s likely that Sanctuary is not for you.

You are very unlikely to encounter a snake at Sanctuary as they are, for the most part, shy and retiring creatures. The only potentially dangerous snake is the red-bellied black snake, which is very rarely seen and extremely shy. Other snakes are the brown and green tree snakes, the carpet or scrub python or if you are really lucky, Australia’s largest snake, the amethystine python which can measure up to 5 metres and is truly a sight to behold due to it’s spectacularly beautiful markings. Unless you are a small marsupial, you really don’t have anything to fear. Nobody has ever been bitten by a snake at Sanctuary and apart from mosquitoes or amorous partners, by anything else.