Rainforest hut with al-fresco ensuite.

The beautiful Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar

Avg 25 degrees top daytime temp in winter!

Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland

Deluxe Cabins

There is no best time to visit – you can seek Sanctuary at any time of the year! As you would expect, different seasons bring different experiences and highlights. Weather patterns have been varied in recent years with much less rainfall than usual, but the following may give you a guide of traditional climates for this area.

January to April
– a dramatic blend of heavy tropical rain and brilliant sunshine. This the time the rainforest really comes alive, the green is more lush, flowers bloom, the insects and butterflies are larger, migratory birds return and the wildlife is awake and active . Maximum temperatures average about 32°C during the days and around 27°C at night. Whilst marine stingers dictate no swimming off the beach without protective clothing (ie a light weight stinger suit, for sale at the Sanctuary shop), this is the best time year to experience the many stunning cool creeks and waterfalls in the area. It would be remiss of us not to mention that this is also the time of the year when you will encounter mosquitoes at their most active and annoying. Surprisingly for the tropics, Sanctuary is virtually mosquito free for the rest of the year.

May to August
– are the coolest months of the year, when we experience warm, dry, sunny days of around 25°C and cool nights of 16°C.

September to December
– a beautiful time of calm oceans before the stingers arrive, generally hot days with comfortable evening temperatures and possibly some afternoon thunderstorms. Flowers start to bloom and sleeping winter creatures start to awaken. Temperatures starting to rise to their hottest at around 35°C in late December