Rainforest hut with al-fresco ensuite.

The beautiful Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar

Avg 25 degrees top daytime temp in winter!

Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland

Deluxe Cabins

I heard there was a lot of damage after the cyclone. Is there still a rainforest?

Cyclone Larry swept across the coast on 20th March 2006 with Category 5,300 km/h winds leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Immediately after the storm the rainforest was stripped of a lot of its foliage, though thankfully the fast growing nature of tropical plants means that the rainforest has returned to its lush […]

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Is it rainforest like at the Daintree and Cape Tribulation area?

Yes and No – the rainforest here is slightly newer than that of the Daintree, by a few million years or thereabouts. Many of the same species of trees will be the same of course, as both places are home to the endangered southern Cassowary. There are a similar number of National Park rainforest trails, […]

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Are there many mosquitoes or flies?

Fortunately, Sanctuary’s location high on a ridge provides a relatively safe haven from mosquitoes who generally prefer low-lands close to water. We usually experience most of the year completely mosquito free starting in winter around June. The weather patterns determine the number of mosquitoes and they prefer a certain balance of rain and sunshine to […]

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Can I bring my pet dog/cat/gold fish/baboon?

To protect the local wildlife, Sanctuary abides by an eco-tourism agreement which prohibits non-native domestic pets within the protected nature reserve. With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are permitted at Sanctuary, although if you do have a pet baboon, please let us know.

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Do you have a Bird List?

Yes, courtesy of Chris Tzaros of Birds Australia, we have a bird list of observations during a 4 day period as well as a list of birds to be found in the local area. We’re happy to give you a copy of list, as well as receive bird observations (and other creatures) not already on […]

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Am I likely to see a Cassowary and what do I do if I do?

Quite probably. Sanctuary is home to an adult male and female couple, plus variously aged offspring that are tolerated by the adult birds and come and go over time. Usually we see a Cassowary wander past the main building each day and its from here that’s the best vantage point. They won’t come inside so […]

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How far is the beach? And what about the jellyfish, crocodiles and sharks I’ve heard about?

The beautiful Brook’s beach is located 100m from the carpark and 700m from the accommodation. Roughly a 10 minute walk down through the forest trail from your hut or cabin. Stinging jellyfish are a concern during the months between December and May each year and you shouldn’t enter the coastal waters without protective clothing during […]

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Do I need to worry about the animals? I’m scared of spiders and snakes.

Like all things at Sanctuary, the native wildlife should be treated with common sense and respect. Unlike other eco-systems where man has been round long enough to become part of the food chain, there are no creatures around here that have evolved to consider humans as part of their well balanced diet. So whilst most […]

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Is Sanctuary a National Park?

No, Sanctuary is privately owned. However, of the 50 acres of rainforest, over 95% has been dedicated in perpetuity to Cassowary habitat and rainforest conservation. By staying at Sanctuary, guests are able to make a positive contribution to habitat preservation as well as experience a rare insight into the ecology of tropical rainforests.

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